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The SAR's virus?

Christopher coroscant at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 21 05:25:54 EST 2003

On 21 Apr 2003 00:26:10 GMT, crystalviolent at aol.com (Crystalviolent)

>In article <3ea2b989.3867808 at news.dsl.pipex.com>, coroscant at hotmail.com
>(Christopher) writes:
>>If it mutated with the more lethel version of smallpox, then we'd be in
>>trouble, and the Omega man could become a reality.  :-(
>i know. and if we can think it up, whaddya think the government brains can come
>up with?

Yeah, if its going to happen it'll happen that way.  Such a virus that
kills 99.99% of humanity would though sort of give the human race a
clean slate to repopulate the world, AND a fresh start not to make all
the same mistakes.

>i was gonna recombine my simian herpes (highly fatal) with chicken pox
>(highly infectious) but i was a little paranoid about what would happen if my
>aseptic technic was wanting, not to mention what would happen if one of the
>kids opened up the garage door at the wrong time. 

Well if your going to make a super virus that will kill off 99.99% of
the human race, you'd better develop an antidote for yourself first,
so you can be with the tiny group of people who are naturally immune
from your virus, otherwise you'll find yourself being the virus's
first victim, and then you won't beable to all the Omega Man stuff. 

>you might be interested in
>the discussion along these lines on the science fiction newsgroup. i heard
>about SARS from them before it was a concern of cdc.

What newsgroup is that?

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