Geobacillus thermoleovorans - Glyoxylatecycle?

Lesley Robertson l.a.robertson at tnw.tudelft.nl
Thu Sep 26 03:34:58 EST 2002

"dawe" <six_strings at libero.it> wrote in message
news:cwqk9.12279$e31.250681 at twister2.libero.it...
> I don't really know the answer to your question.
> I'm writing to ask you more informations about G. thermoleovorans, such as
> its growth rate, the growing medium you use, the products of oil
> and every other data you can give me.
> Thanks a lot

And we do tend to respect people more if they do a bit of homework
themselves - a Google search on "thermoleovorans" turned up 195 hits, some
of which look very interesting. Growth rate will depend on the medium and
type of culture. I would test the cells for isocitrate lyase - there's
plenty of standard methods around.
Lesley Robertson

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