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Fri Sep 20 17:53:02 EST 2002

I have to say that you are absolutly correct in that we should not have to
tolerate the obscene postings of ignorant persons.  Although, your comment
on "no high school project questions", I can't say that I fully agree with
that.  To help a high school student develop a thesis about microbiology
projects is important.  It helps that student develop a keen interest in the

Just my opinion.
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> > > It says to me that this is a unmoderated group and that is the price
> > > occasionally have to pay for freedom of speech.
> > >
> > How true. And if the poster was referring to the Hal Turner stuff, it
> > spammed to every single group I know of - science, genealogy, Star Trek
> > name but 3 clumps.
> > Lesley Robertson
> > http://www.beijerinck.bt.tudelft.nl
> I stand corrected. That'll teach me to go off half cocked.

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