saucy bettyboo122001 at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Sep 19 06:08:56 EST 2002

Exactly what purpose does this forum serve? Whether you like it or
not, this newsgroup is the public face of m/bio.
I can handle the odd puerile question and the occasional nastiness
contained in answers to those questions from certain members of this
group, but for a newsgroup concerned with such delicate matters as
microbiology, why on earth do you let such pure vitriolic shite, such
as the previous messages, on your pages.
Whoever moderates this group; even the posting of spam of this nature,
which is easily ignored by many, cannot be seen to be associated with
the field of microbiology, you owe it to yourselves and the public.
Please start regulating this group, I dont want to see our field
publically degenerating into a right debate centre nor a forum for the
answering of high school projects for that matter.

'Oh I seen a series of hate messages posted on a m/bio group.' Whats
that say to you?

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