Bacterial identification & colony counting from a mixture of 5 different bacteria

Lesley Robertson l.a.robertson at tnw.tudelft.nl
Fri Sep 13 03:17:22 EST 2002

"JEDilworth" <bactitech at nospamhortonsbay.com> wrote in message
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> I come from purely a clinical perspective, with really no experience
> with any other type of microbiology. I didn't realize that this stuff
> would grow without blood enrichment. I was purely going by the fact
> that, even with blood agar, these organisms don't grow very fast.
I only knew because I've been playing with them for a 1st year prac - we're
reviving some of the original experiments that founded microbiology. Also,
with biosafety law over here getting stricter and stricter, Lactobacilli are
among the few bugs I could think of to legally let 1st years try and isolate
(from yoghurt).

> Thanks for the information. I think I'll stick to clinical questions
> from now on :-).

But I always enjoy (and usually agree with) your stuff! It's just that these
days, about half my life goes into biosafety legislation (implementing it,
but also trying to keep it reasonable), so that's the first angle the cames
to my mind!
Lesley Robertson

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