Mieke Duysinx miekeduysinx at wanadoo.nl
Thu Nov 28 12:57:39 EST 2002

In a prescription I find this text:

Assay of Enzyme Activity:
Lawung,et al (19) (in their experiment on purification and characterization
of a beta-lactamase from H.ducreyi in E.coli.)monitored the enzyme
(beta-lactamase) activities spectrophotometrically by following the
hydrolysis of Benzylpenicillin at 232 nm. One unit of enzyme is defined as
the amount of protein required to hydrolyze 1 mmol of Benzylpenicillin per
minute at 37C in 50 mM sodium phosphate buffer, pH 7.0.(19)

But I can't calculate the activity now because I can't find an
does anybody know where I can find this coefficient??


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