2 questions replys needed

neil horner horner1978 at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Nov 9 13:37:34 EST 2002

In respose to question 1. Do you mean common environmental saprophyte. If
so, it is an organism that that obatains it's nuitrients from dead and
decaying matter commonly living in the soil.

Whether or not the patient should be treated for tuberculosis or not, I
don't know. I have found references to Microbacteria Chelonei causing
abscessus but not tuberculosis.

"auntie_biotic" <auntie_biotic at tbandu.co.uk> wrote in message
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> I would like an answer to two questions:
> 1.  Microbacteria Chelonei in sputum was labelled by lab "Common
> Environmental Saphroyte"  could some explain in layman's terms what that
> means?
> 2.  What is ok then for Drs to begin treatment for tuberculosis even
> three further sputum's were negative?
> Thanks in advance
> auntie_biotic
> http://www.tbandu.co.uk

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