How animals in the hydrothermal vent can live with the high temperature.

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Sun Mar 31 22:04:25 EST 2002

On Fri, 29 Mar 2002 22:34:17 +0000, Jonathan Silverlight
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>Are you the guy who published that study of bacteria surviving in a 
>diamond anvil? It was quite widely reported here and the reports were 
>saying the pressure was equivalent to many kilometres depth of the 
>Earth's crust - or Europan ice. Amazing.

The paper you are referring to is:

Microbial Activity at Gigapascal Pressures
     Anurag Sharma, James H. Scott, George D. Cody, Marilyn L. Fogel, 
     Robert M. Hazen, Russell J. Hemley, and Wesley T. Huntress
     Science 295: p. 1514   Feb 22, 2002.

There is a news article about it on p 1444.

The paper is from Carnegie Inst. in Wash DC.

They say the max P they use corresponds to 50 km of earth crust, or
160 km of water (much more than any known ocean).

(The link given will probably not lead to the article, beyond the
abstract, except for those with subscription.)



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