operating theatre environmental monitoring

John Gentile yjgent at cox.net
Sat Mar 30 20:21:02 EST 2002

JCAHO has never asked to see environmental surface cultures. They do go over
our Infectious Disease protocols with a find tooth comb. We have always
passed with little or no problems.

In the past year we have done exactly 1 environmental culture. That was on a
bronch scope that had been recalled for suspected Pseudomonas contamination
due to a loose screw or fitting. When we got the unit back the 1st 2
patients had a pneumonia (Staph and E. coli in one and a febrile event in
the other). We cultured the unit and found no growth.

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> I am told, JCAHO inspects all of this data and we get into trouble if
> we don't have it.

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