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On Sat, 30 Mar 2002 15:27:59 GMT, John Gentile <yjgent at cox.net> wrote:

>Years ago we used to do air sampling cultures and surface touch cultures. We
>found that the information was totally useless. Does JCAHO mandate cultures
>or colony counts, or just the word monitoring? Our Infection Control nurse
>monitors these things by a variety of epidemiological methods - not to
>include routine cultures.
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1)  There is a routine trend analysis SOP with microcultures of floor
sanitation (RODACs), and other critical control points (swabs). It is
basically an ongoing validation of sanitization.  There is also a test
for efficacy of disinfectants.  

2)  Then, there are special projects.  Those oare wide open.  The
triggers are usually, as you say, epidemiological analysis or as
results from the trend analysis show something.  

3)  Also, the janitorial staff, need someone "watching" them or they
don't do the sanitization propperly, if at all!

4) We need to validate that our Class 100s are really still Class 100s
-- those are RCS samples.  E.g., The air filtration is a problem

I am told, JCAHO inspects all of this data and we get into trouble if
we don't have it.

We detect the people who don't wash their hands all the time, usually
new people who come from place that did not do hand culturing -- so
they think nobody will notice, I guess?


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