operating theatre environmental monitoring

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On Wed, 27 Mar 2002 03:04:19 GMT, John Gentile <yjgent at cox.net> wrote:

>Yes - it is not done!


1)  The hostital where I worked has done it since at least 1975 as
part of the Joint Commission's mandated infection control

2)  Sick building syndrome monitoring is quite common.

> There are no standards for how "clean" the environment
>needs to be. How clean is the great out doors?


1)  We use FDA's  CFR21 Class 100 clean room standards for operating

2)  Any "unclassed" room can be monitored - we usually use Class
100,000 standards for say, "dirty" warehouses where critical
components are stored.

>If you are trying to come up with some bio-terrorism type testing then the
>military has developed some air sampling equipment that uses PCR and genetic
>probes to find some pathogens that can be used as bio-terrorism weapons.

Correct. Classed room monitoring does not address this problem.

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>> Subject: operating theatre environmental monitoring
>> Does anyone have experience or guidelines in the area of environmental
>> monitoring of theatres or hospital wards? either microbiological or air
>> sampling?
>> Thanks
>> Tracy

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