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>I hope this is not off topic and if it is I apoligise.
>I am currently doing a project on the effects of different metal salts
>on the effects of catalase breaking down Hydrogen Peroxide and was
>wondering whether a buffer solution is needed or not as I am not
>investigating effects of pH.
>I would be very greatful for anyones help.
>Thank You

Definitely check for autocatalysis by metal ions (of course the main
one that comes to mind is Fe++).  Otherwise you won't know whether the
metal ion is having an effect on the catalase or inducing H2O2
breakdown directly.  Aluminum salts might be safe, as concentrated
H2O2 can be stored in aluminum tanks.  On the other hand, Al ion is
not of tremendous biological significance to my knowledge.  Divalent
cations like Ca++, Mg++, and Zn++ are good candidates as cofactors or
modulators of catalase, but again, check to be sure that autocatalysis
is not present before testing them with your enzyme.

Good Luck,

Terry L. Davis, Ph.D.

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