Help on genetic structure, please

Geoff Briggs geoff.briggs at nottingham.ac.uk
Thu Mar 14 04:51:26 EST 2002

I will jump in on this one - as a biochemist I am not wonderful on
Genetics (even though I work in a Genetics department), but:

> LIzz Hancock wrote:
>  > > - Recessive genes?  Both copies must be recessive to display the
> trait.  For example to have blue eyes you must be the genotype bb, if
> you're Bb your eyes will be brown not blue.  So to have blue eyes, one
> of your parents has to have had blue eyes.

Surely you don't need a blue eyed parent to have blue eyes, as long as
both parents are Bb (in your nomenclature). However, if both your
parents have blue eyes (bb) then you will *have* to have blue eyes.

Or am I completely wrong?


Dr. G.S. Briggs
Institute of Genetics
University of Nottingham
Queens Medical Centre

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