How animals in the hydrothermal vent can live with the high temperature.

Bob bbruner at uclink4.berkeley.edu
Wed Mar 13 22:33:16 EST 2002

On Wed, 13 Mar 2002 18:21:39 +0100, "knud" <kknald at hotmail.com> wrote:

>The organisms has specific heat systems that prevents their proteins and DNA
>from taking any damage. The cell membranes is also special.

Yes for some of them, but the point raised by Greg is the _major_
issue. Nothing lives at or even close to 400 C; they live "near" the
vents, in regions of lower temperature. Some live at quite normal or
even cold T.

Best to ignore the post about GC content; not only does it  raise a
_minor_ point, it is so mixed up on the basics of DNA and protein as
to be useless.


>> When someone know that the temperature in a hydrothermal vent can
>> reach 400 degrees Celsius, he will think that this place(hydrothermal
>> vent) is not a good place for life. But after many years of search,
>> many scientists prove the existence of many forms of life live around
>> these vents by using the submersible Alvin. The question is: How these
>> forms of life can stand with this extreme temperature?
>> Thanks...

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