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John Gentile yjgent at cox.net
Mon Jun 24 22:40:24 EST 2002

At the huge risk of feeding the troll I have to try to respond to
knuckleheaded stupidity.

Tom, look at the science of virology back in the early 70's. They had just
discovered and proved that indeed they found a virus that could cause a
cancer. That was big news.

The state of the science back then had no way of manipulating any virus -
they hardly knew what the DNA or RNA sequencing went.

This has been told over and over again, but you militant  anti-science hate
mongers will not see the truth for your lies. Read the texts of the time,
read the scientific journals of the time and learn from it.

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> Date: Sun, 23 Jun 2002 16:25:38 GMT
> Subject: sci.med.aids Censorship
>> Thank you for your submission to sci.med.aids. Your posting has not
>> been accepted for posting based on a vote by the moderators, who have
>> the concerns explained below.
>> Moderator Marty Howard <martinjh at marty-howard.com> voted No for this
> reason:
>> This is the "moderator fiat/not this again" reason.  Who knows why it
>> was voted down?  Maybe you can figure it out.  Maybe the moderator
>> is sick of this topic.  Frequently, the moderator is thinking that
>> this article provides no new information.  If you can't figure it out,
>> send mail to the individual moderator or to aids-request at cs.ucla.edu.
>> Moderator Bennett <njb35 at mole.bio.cam.ac.uk> voted No for the same reason.
> I figured out a long time ago why sci.med.aids will not publish
> an obviously legitimate viewpoint. It systematically censors every
> single article that dares suggest that any aspect of the
> AIDS epidemic and its origins might be suspicious or worthy
> of investigation, in any way.  It matters not all if the article is
> accurate,
> factual, well-documented and presented in dignified manner.
> It is rank and outrageous censorship by arrogant, game-playing
> moderators who abuse their powers, to permit only their own
> politically-correct, bland, reassuring views.
> A United States Congressman made a call for the origins
> of AIDS to be investigated. By doing so, he forced the
> United State General Accounting Office to make a
> response.    He made that call, just this year.  It is not "old news".
> It has not been widely publicized You cannot pretend that it is
> something that is not of relevance or interest to people with AIDS,
> regardless of their viewpoints.
> Freedom of expression is under attack on the supposedly "free"
> internet.   The contemptible behavior of the sci.med.aids moderators
> is only one method and one example of that attack.   When the full
> dimensions of the scandal become apparent, it is my sincere hope
> that these individuals will someday find themselves as tarnished,
> widely spotlighted, and as unpopular as pedophile priests.
> Tom Keske
> ===============================================
> Below is a copy of a letter sent recently from the U.S. General
> Accounting Office, to a U.S. Congressman, denying that the
> AIDS Virus was originally created or manipulated as part of the
> massive "Special Virus Cancer Program" in the 1970s, and
> introduced into the U.S. gay population.
> U.S. Representative Traficant of Ohio had joined in a call for
> the investigation of the question.   Traficant has been a controversial
> figure in the Congress, and a target of accusations of ethical
> misconduct.
> However, as it has often been the case concerning the gay-rights
> movement, or in the case of former President Clinton,
> accusations can sometimes be selectively brought forward, in
> atmosphere of more general corruption, for the sake of
> political motivations.
> It is possible for a cause to be perfectly legitimate, even if the
> advocates for the cause may be less than perfect.  It is a positive
> development that any United States Congressman has managed
> at least to raise the question in a public forum.
> The question of whether HIV was in any way modified genetically,
> or was merely discovered, is not so important as the question of
> whether it had been intentionally introduced to gay men through
> contaminated vaccines, administered in an unprecedented,
> government-sponsored program, immediately before the first
> visible outbreak of the epidemic in the United States.
> There is compelling evidence to suggest that this was in fact
> the scenario:
> http://www.bhc.edu/eastcampus/leeb/aids/aidtesk.htm
> The current  concerns regarding biological terrorism should make us
> reconsider the lingering questions, concerning whether the AIDS epidemic
> is really a natural phenomenon, or was an earlier example of covert
> assault, rooted in the same type of madness and human cruelty that
> now confront us.
> Tom Keske
> Boston, Mass.
> ==========================================================================
> United States General Accounting Office
> Washington, DC 20548
> June 17, 2002
> The Honorable James A. Traficant, Jr.
> House of Representatives
> Subject: Origin of the AIDS Virus
> Dear Mr. Traficant:
> In response to your request to review an individual's allegations that the
> National
> Cancer Institute's Special Virus Cancer Program (SVCP) created the AIDS
> virus, we
> obtained information on (1) the overall stated purposes and outcomes of
> SVCP, (2)
> scientific assessments of the origins of the AIDS virus (HIV-1) and any
> possible
> evidence regarding the origins of the AIDS virus at SVCP, and (3) the
> outcome of
> recent litigation regarding the origins of the AIDS virus. On June 13, 2002,
> we briefed
> your staff on the results of our analysis. The enclosed slides formed the
> basis of the
> briefing we presented.
> To address our objectives, we consulted experts on HIV/AIDS and on SVCP,
> reviewed
> SVCP progress reports and summaries as well as documents that allege SVCP
> created
> the AIDS virus. In addition, we obtained information on recent litigation
> involving the
> individual's allegations. In summary, we did not find evidence to support
> the
> allegation that SVCP created the AIDS virus. Comments from the National
> Cancer
> Institute on a draft of the briefing slides concluded that they are
> historically and
> scientifically accurate.
> We are sending copies of this report to the Secretary of Health and Human
> Services
> and the Acting Director of the National Cancer Institute. We will also make
> copies
> available to others on request. In addition, the report will be available at
> no charge on
> the GAO Web site at http://www.gao.gov. Please contact me at (202) 512-7119
> if you
> have any questions. The major contributor to this report was Lawrence S.
> Solomon.
> Sincerely yours,
> Janet Heinrich
> Director, Health Care ???Public Health Issues
> Enclosure

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