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Andrea Rechenburg andrea.rechenburg at ukb.uni-bonn.de
Thu Jun 20 08:15:12 EST 2002

On 20 Jun 2002 11:04:28 -0000, nicolas_pomies at hotmail.com wrote:

>Hello there,


>I am working actually on coliforms testing...

>I am dealing with concentrated bacterial blends : pseudomonas: NCIMB11358 (stutzeri), NCIMB9494 (putida), NCIMB10643 (spp.) and NCIMB11712(fluorescens). 

>Concentration around 1e+09 to 1e+10 CFU/ml.

Hello Nicolas,

you don´t test coliforms, you test pseudomonas. They are gram negativ,
but no coliforms.
>I am actually using the RVBA "double layer" method @ 30oC / 24h...
 >Anyway ....  the media going "yellowish", 

your pseudomonas produce pigments, especially P. fluorescens, that are

>In another hand, I made trials on media and test kits using ONPG response (ex: COLILERT) for determining Total Colifoms Response... 

In COLILERT  your Pseudomonas will not grow. 
Choose some real coliforms, here in Germany we would use Enterobacter,
Citrobacter, Klebsiella or Serratia

>Thanks for helping....



Greetings Andrea

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