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An evolution discussion group with an emphasis on concepts and discoveries
consistent with the possible existence of an internal evolutionary mechanism. 

In their paper "The Spandrels of San Marco and the Panglossian Paradigm"  Gould
and Lewontin briefly described the European concept of Bauplan which, in its
'strong' form, speculates:

"But the important steps of evolution, the construction of the Bauplan itself
and the transition between Baupläne, must involve some other unknown, and
perhaps 'internal,' mechanism."

An internal mechanism cannot be 'mystical', simply because if one exists, then
it would be testable. This suggests the concept ought not to evoke any greater
uncertainty than is appropriate to the words of Einstein: "If we knew what we
were doing, we wouldn't call it research, would we?" 


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Model of an Internal Evolutionary Mechanism (based on an extension to
homeostasis) linking Stationary-Phase Mutations to The Baldwin Effect

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