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Dear Candidate,

Your email address was forwarded to us by a member of our network.  If you are 
still looking for a better job opportunity, then please read this email.  You 
have NOT been placed on a mailing list and you will not hear from us again.  
If you don't want this email, simply ignore it and accept our apologies.

I'm contacting you because your profile fits what many of our recruiters, from 
our association of over 10,587 recruiters, want to see.  Because of your background, 
we can help you in your job search, as we have helped many others in your field 

Does the following describe your situation?
* You posted a resume on the Internet but haven't received enough good leads.
* You would like to uncover the hidden job market and access the best local or 
national jobs.
* You want to find more good recruiters that are targeted to your profession 
and industry.
* You have exhausted your networking channels and need a larger and newer network.
* You are concerned about confidentiality and protecting your identity.

If so, we can help.  XpostIt.com is a small, tightly-focused resource for proactive 
job seekers.  We have the largest database of top recruiters that have asked 
us to send them job seekers targeted to their interests.  We connect you to the 
right recruiters, en masse, the same day you enroll.  This "in their face" approach 
works because it's hard to get noticed on the Internet any other way.  

Mass Career Marketing
XPostit.com intelligently connects you to the recruiters across the country matching 
your profession, industry, and location preferences to theirs.  You can pick 
how many recruiters will see your resume.  On average, each job seeker's profile 
gets distributed to over 1,100 targeted recruiter connections.  Imagine the opportunities 
that are uncovered by our clients!

Are you lost in the crowd?
Did you know that there are over 20 million resumes, in hundreds of databanks, 
on the Internet?  And, over 2 million new resumes added each month!  "Waiting 
to be found" has never worked and, with the Internet, it especially does not. 
Of course, some recruiters will find you on the Internet (just as I have), but 
not the hundreds of targeted recruiters as with XPostit.com.

Our service helps you find the hidden opportunities even in your own back yard. 
We can also be used to uncover national and international opportunities too, 
if you are interested in them.

Our Database
Our recruiter database covers everything from the most specialized professional 
recruiters to professional generalists, independent professionals to international 
organizations.  We have extensive representation in most every industry and job 
function across the country.  Many recruiters are not posting jobs to find candidates. 
They are relying on their internal database, referrals, and our leads.  Our recruiters 
have profiled themselves in our system and have asked to receive our targeted 
job seekers.  We are exclusively 100% opt-in.  This ensures that they will read 
your resume because they are looking for what we send them.  We have worked very 
hard to develop this asset.  We believe it's the best!

Our Job Seekers
If you earn between $40,000 and $300,000 per year then our service is designed 
to determine which recruiters are right for you.   

So, if you are looking to find more opportunities, even in your own city, signup 
now for your membership and get connected to the recruiters looking for you. 
With prices as low as $49, you may select a service that meets your needs and 
fits your budget!  Nothing is as effective, at any price.

Best wishes in your career,
Cross post it and harness the power of the 'net!  

Please, forward this email to any of your friends that could use our help!

Copyright 2001, Xpostit.com


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