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Flow Cytometry

Emir Khatipov khatipovNO at NOuchicago.edu
Mon Jul 29 16:16:10 EST 2002

What is your negative control? Negative cells, non-specific antibody,
blocked Ab? How you reduce unspecific binding? With Blotto, BSA, detergents,
...? This all can also be critical. As for flow cytometry itself, did you
try detection at a longer wavelength or using a different laser? You
probably know that Alexa 488 fluoresces from ~500nm to ~600nm and excites by

"John M Neary" <neary at acsu.buffalo.edu> wrote in message
news:ai27lg$mjc$1 at prometheus.acsu.buffalo.edu...
> Emir,
> In reply to your questions, my target is an outer membrane protein located
> on the surface of the organism and I am using live cells. I've had some
> with that new conjugate I mentioned.  It is called Alexa-fluor 488 and
> made by Molecular Probes.  The fluorophore is a FITC analog that excites
> 488nm (which matches the frequency of the argon laser most cytometers
> I've only done one experiment with it so far, but it dramatically reduced
> the background in the negative control.
> John
> "Emir Khatipov" <khatipovNO at NOuchicago.edu> wrote in message
> news:OEK%8.44$X4.10409 at news.uchicago.edu...
> > I would also be interested to hear opinions on that subject. I myself
> to
> > do similar things with mammalian cells, and ran out of ideas on how to
> > reduce background. I guess in case of bacteria the problem should be
> > worse because of the cell wall or maybe other reasons. I also know that
> > itself binds pretty strongly to membranes. However, it is obviously not
> the
> > case with fixed and permeabilized cells. Are you fixing the cells
> > ((para)formaldehyde) before running FACS or work on live cells? What is
> the
> > target, surface or intracytoplasmic? If your Ab works in
> of
> > fixed cells, then it should work in FACS after minor protocol
> > - Emir
> >
> > "John M Neary" <neary at acsu.buffalo.edu> wrote in message
> > news:ahnnpu$r2p$1 at prometheus.acsu.buffalo.edu...
> > > Is there anyone on this board familiar with flow cytometry on
> > > immunostained (primary Ab - labeled conjugate) bacteria?  I'm getting
> high
> > > background and low signal with a FITC-labeled conjugate.  I just
> recieved
> > an
> > > Alexa-488 labeled conjugate today.  I heard good things, but haven't
> tried
> > > it yet.
> > >
> > >
> >
> >

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