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Is the spread of viruses from mosquitoes significant?

marianne carter mcarter3 at optusnet.com.au
Wed Jul 24 06:53:55 EST 2002

No replies to this eh!!!

"Trond Erik Vee Aune" <trondaun at chembio.NOSPAM.ntnu.no> wrote in message
news:3D1761D3.9010203 at chembio.NOSPAM.ntnu.no...
> Dear all,
> I was just talking with someone about the threat of getting viruses from
> mosquito bites. Can for example HIV and hepatitis C be transfered from
> one person to another through such bites?
Tradition says NO for these 2 viruses. Research says NO to these 2 viruses.
It was interesting though that around 10 years ahgo there was a reference in
a South East Pacific Journal that Hep B was shown to be transmitted by
mosquitoes - this was by a group of Chinese workers......and nothing has
ever been heard since.........thought I dont dabble in that area anymore

Does any virus use this method of transfer as its main route?
Yes - just look up an Arbovirus text book and you'll find heaps eg ye olde
sylvan cycle yellow fever, here is Oz Ross River virus..............,
Dengue, Jap B encephalitis virus, etc etc

What is the main difference in viruses that are able to use mosquitoes as
vectors compared to those that
> can't,are they more stable or just more efficient at infecting a new host?
The viruses are usually able to replicate within the cells of the mosquito
host - hence a boost in viral partcles for potential tranmission when the
mosie sticks its proboscus in - usuuall injects a small amount of fluid to
'inhibit' clotting - hence a dose staright into the bitee......this
replicative cycle within mossie species and differnt viruses has been well
documented and researched..for years past and those to come.

Overwintering of virus within eggs of some mossies has also been shown ie
throught winter when mossie numbers are 'nil' the next season still sees
outbreaks od disease.hence the theory of 'overwintering' and the experiments
which proved it

As a Virologist, Fields textbook "Virology' is one of the bibles - 2 part
big expensive monster but bloody good!
> Kind regards,
> Trond Erik Vee Aune

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