Accidental Death?

Thomas Keske tkeske at mediaone.net
Sun Jan 20 19:16:14 EST 2002

> If you can't take the heat , why are you trying to start fires?

I am trying to expose the origin of AIDS, among other things.
I couldn't care less what the majority thinks.  I will speak,
if you don't like it, get gone.

For the "accidental death" issue, I believe that no there is too
little evidence to draw conclusion, but enough circumstance to warrant
investigation.  It is the life of people like you and your colleagues
at risk.  If the idea happened to be correct, that terrorists were
trying to strike at American research, do you suppose that
people like Don Wiley would be agreeing with you or me?

If he could express an opinion beyond the grave, and had
been murdered, he would be rooting for what I say and in
contempt of his "concerned colleagues" for being so blind.

I have mixed feelings.  Part of me says that there ought
to be more investigation and precautions, as we tightened
precautions for the airlines, nuclear plants, etc.   That won't
happen, if you sit with attitudes like yours.

Part of me says that the hateful cranks on this newsgroup
would be getting exactly what the deserved, if a terrorist
murdered them, after they hadn't listened to the possibility.
The people on this newsgroup have so far, without exception
proven beyond doubt that they have the literal Nazis mentality that
I have thought of them.   This newsgroup hardly reflects well
on the profession.   You all may spawn resentment that will
come back to you some day.  Judging from the rash of coincidences,
maybe it already is coming back.   Couldn't happen to a
more deserving bunch, so it would seem.

There are no doubt gay microbiologists out there, too.  When
they get a load of your Nazis attitudes, they may get ideas
of their own.

Tom Keske

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