Accidental Death?

Brian zhil at online.no
Sun Jan 20 01:39:38 EST 2002

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> "Brian" <zhil at online.no> wrote in message
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> > The HIV is the ultimate weapon of choice.
> > I thank whoever invented that virus, as it is taking care of our society's
> degenerative
> > filth.
> The degenerative filth are our country's religious and
> political leaders.

You're right in that regard.

> People like you make me wish for
> the nukes to start going off.   The human race is mostly
> jerks, jackasses, freaks and hyenas.   Your country will die
> of its own cancer as surely as the gays that it tried to murder.

Well, I don't have a country that I can call my own.
I live and work in a foreign country (Norway), but MY country doesn't exist right now.
You can probably imagine what country that is; free from homosexuals, free from genetic
garbage - with the best hand-picked as leaders etc.


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