Accidental Death?

Brian zhil at online.no
Sat Jan 19 19:08:47 EST 2002

The HIV is the ultimate weapon of choice.
I thank whoever invented that virus, as it is taking care of our society's degenerative
Those poor scientists are just paying the price.


"Thomas Keske" <tkeske at mediaone.net> skrev i melding
news:D%m28.82582$Sj1.33742053 at typhoon.ne.mediaone.net...
> I must confess to a certain amount of mixed feeling
> about the rash of microbiologist demises.   Anyone who
> is an expert in the area of AIDS and ebola ought to have
> a bit of a clue that something isn't right with the picture.
> Therefore, anyone who is an expert in the area of
> AIDS and ebola is not likely a completely innocent
> human being.
> I've encountered microbiologists who did indeed know
> that something was wrong, yet did not speak out.
> I can imagine that knowing enough about AIDS and ebola
> might be the very thing that could make someone despondent.
> I was contacted recently by a Genetech employee who
> confessed to me that I was absolutely correct, that the
> company knew about the contaminated vaccines, and
> that is was very "cloak and dagger."
> Ted Strecker was a "suicide", too.    Maybe Wiley was a
> suicide like Ted Strecker was a suicide, Craig Spence
> was a suicide, Danny Casolaro was a suicide, etc.
> Perhaps knowing too much  about AIDS can be dangerous
>  knowledge.   That shouldn't frighten many here, since there
> is so little knowledge.
> Science, academia, and media have all shamed themselves
> as much as in Nazis Germany.  If this version of reality happens
> to be the correct one, then there is not much of anything that
> could happen to any of them, that they wouldn't really
> have coming.  I think that most of the human race is
> utterly damned.

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