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Bob bbruner at uclink4.berkeley.edu
Tue Jan 15 21:32:46 EST 2002

On Tue, 15 Jan 2002 10:14:12 -0700, Larry Farrell <farrlarr at isu.edu>

>Paul Taylor wrote:
>> I am ignoring my own suggestion and repsonding to this conversation..
>> Perhaps it would be slightly friendlier to just ignore homework questions
>> rather than berate people from a distance..which really does nothing but
>> make us all look like a bunch of  angry info-hoarders.
>> Still, something to do I guess...
>I don't believe that is serves any particular purpose to allow students to
>continue in their belief that it is all right for them to expect others to do
>the work they are supposed to do themselves.  Simply ignoring requests for
>help with homework questions, rather than pointing out how such requests
>defeat the intended purpose of the educational process, panders to that
>belief.  If responding negatively to such requests is considered berating and
>makes me look like an "angry info-hoarder," so be it.

I think all of you are on the right track, and I think replying to a
"poor" post probably is useful. But perhaps it can  be done in a way
that encourages the student to make a better post. There are various
reasons for the poor posts, and some are more "innocent" than others.
Getting the students to enter into a  dialog is good. (After all, when
a student approaches us after class or in the office, their first
version of a question isn't always the best. But we have a
conversation.) Also, it is gentler to reply to the student
"critically" by doing it privately.

In this case, I had written to the original poster privately, with a
(small)  helpful comment about his question, and he did reply


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