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Larry Farrell farrlarr at isu.edu
Tue Jan 15 12:14:12 EST 2002

Paul Taylor wrote:

> I am ignoring my own suggestion and repsonding to this conversation..
> Perhaps it would be slightly friendlier to just ignore homework questions
> rather than berate people from a distance..which really does nothing but
> make us all look like a bunch of  angry info-hoarders.
> Still, something to do I guess...

I don't believe that is serves any particular purpose to allow students to
continue in their belief that it is all right for them to expect others to do
the work they are supposed to do themselves.  Simply ignoring requests for
help with homework questions, rather than pointing out how such requests
defeat the intended purpose of the educational process, panders to that
belief.  If responding negatively to such requests is considered berating and
makes me look like an "angry info-hoarder," so be it.

Larry D. Farrell, Ph.D.
Professor of Microbiology
Idaho State University

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