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JEDilworth bactitech at hortonsbay.com
Mon Jan 14 22:48:40 EST 2002

At first I did consider ignoring the question.  However, as I said
before, I have a daughter in her early 20's in college.  I KNOW how she
operates, and was coming at it from that angle.  If our kids don't work
a little for what they get, then what's the point of shelling out all
the big money for college?

I guess my old-fartness is coming through.  As an older woman of 52
years of age (and in the prime of life I might add :-)), who did college
entirely on my own (scholarship, loans, and all, with minimal help from
my parents monetarily and absolutely no help academically) I have a hard
time relating to this kid's plight, being that he brought it up the
night before an exam. No one led me by the hand through my courses or my
tests. My parents never kept a calendar of my test schedules or reminded
me of assignments, either in high school or college.  Hell, my mother
STILL doesn't understand what I do for a living :-).  I'm not a
particularly competitive person until it comes to academics.  THEN, I
get into gear.  I've always resented it when people got through the easy
way when I busted my butt, and then had the gall to ask how I did it, or
tried to copy off me (grade school mostly on that last point).

I'll stop now, because I'm sure you, Paul, don't understand.  That's
okay - I don't understand your point either, but I won't hold it against
you :-).

I don't think we're angry as much as disappointed that he didn't try
harder on his own.

Judy Dilworth, M.T. (ASCP)

Paul Taylor wrote:
> I am ignoring my own suggestion and repsonding to this conversation..
> Perhaps it would be slightly friendlier to just ignore homework questions
> rather than berate people from a distance..which really does nothing but
> make us all look like a bunch of angry info-hoarders.
> Still, something to do I guess...
> Paul
> ---

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