urgent help please

JEDilworth bactitech at hortonsbay.com
Mon Jan 14 19:40:16 EST 2002

I agree with Larry. I didn't get any indication from Jagasits' original
post that any effort had been expended to research this question.  The
fact that he posted it the day before an exam led me to believe that
Sunday panic had set in (of course, none of us has been there before

If he had worded it differently, i.e. it says this about this one's cell
wall and this about the other one's cell wall, but I'm unclear as to
what this means, etc., THEN a totally different thread would be playing
out in this group. I got the impression he wanted us to fill in the
table for him, so he could take the answers to his exam.

If it is within any area that I have any knowledge of, and that includes
only a narrow part of clinical micro, I will be glad to help as long as
I perceive it's not a homework question.  I've been out of college way
too long to remember a lot of the detail about biology and micro
courses, anyway, as clinical micro is pretty different than micro taught
in college, just as any actual job is different than the theory behind

Judy Dilworth, M.T. (ASCP)

Larry Farrell wrote:
> The members of this group are *not* biased against helping anyone who has a
> legitimate question, but they are most definitely not inclined to give any student
> any easy "out" that reduces the effort the student should put into their own class
> work.

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