urgent help please

Jayakumar R jakku71 at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 14 16:16:54 EST 2002

I think irrespective of the kind of help, anyone who appeals for help in
this newsgroup requires help.  I have also been in such tough situations
several times, when the books available to me (from library and mine) were
not sufficient to answer several of my questions (even though no teacher of
mine gave me the exam questions before the examination.... cushy stuff
there). Anyway, jagasits..  I will give you some pointers there. Try reading
some basic microbiology books which will give you a more general idea about
the stuff you asked.  I would recommend Pelczar and Kreig. That is a very
common book that should be available in any library.  Basically amoeba
belongs to the kingdom of Protista or protozoa.  So your question sounds
kind of funny.  Algae also sort of comes under this kingdom.  But it is
difficult to draw a line between protozoa and metazoa (multicellular
organisms).  But essentially the differences you have asked is between a
family of organisms (protozoa) and individual classes of organisms like
amoeba and BGA. it would have been better if the differnces were between
amoeba and BGA (blue green algae).  Anyway, best of luck.

> From: Larry Farrell <farrlarr at isu.edu>
> Organization: Posted via Supernews, http://www.supernews.com
> Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2002 08:55:36 -0700
> To: microbio at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk
> Subject: Re: urgent help please
> Victor Jagasits wrote:
>> Dear "Mom"!
>> It was not a homework, it is one of the many questions I supposed to have
>> today on the exam. I worked out all the questions except this, because I
>> couldn't find the solving in my books.
>> I hope there are similar people on the internet like me, who helps other if
>> they needs. I only asking on the net, especially in foreign language
>> newsgroups, when I can't see any chance to solve the problem.
>> But luckily there ARE people who helped me.
>> Thanks for note,
>> best regards
>> Victor
>> PS: I already have a few degrees(IT,Avionic electronics,Pilot License), and
>> now I just began studying as Food engineer. It is a strange area for me,
>> because last time I had biology lessons were in the 2nd class of secondary
>> school, and I think it was quite long time ago...
>> Sorry for mistakes.
>> "JEDilworth" <bactitech at hortonsbay.com> az alábbiakat írta a következo
>> üzenetben: news:3C421E0B.2BFD0497 at hortonsbay.com...
>>> Apparently you either haven't gone to any lectures or lifted a finger to
>>> study.  We're supposed to do this for you?  Get real.
>>> It's time to stop partying and open a book.  I have a 21 year old in
>>> college, and I know whereof I speak.  Is this how you expect to get
>>> ahead in the world - by having other people do your homework for you?
>>> Your mom (sorry, couldn't resist)
>>> Victor Jagasits wrote:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> I'd like to ask anyone who knows, that what are the differences between
>> the
>>>> amoeba, blue alga and "protozoa"s? What are protozoas exactly?
> Before you get too far up on your high horse, please note that your situation
> is *exactly* what most people would consider as "homework."  In one of your
> classes, you were given a series of questions that might appear on an exam so
> you could prepare for the exam (a practice with which I vehemently disagree
> since it amounts to telling you exactly what you should study, implying that
> everything else addressed in the course is unimportant).  Your assignment was
> to go home and study those questions, working out from the information
> presented in the course which information should be applied to answering the
> questions.  I strongly endorse Judy Dilworth's position with regard to this
> situation, and suggest that since you have absolutely no guarantee that
> anything provided to you in an anonymous forum such as this is factual, you
> are
> ill-advised to depend on such fora as sources of information to be used in
> preparation for exams, particularly since you "couldn't find the solvings in
> your books."
> --
> Larry D. Farrell, Ph.D.
> Professor of Microbiology
> Idaho State University

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