HIV and Anthrax

Bill O'Brien wobrien22 at home.com
Sat Jan 5 03:26:33 EST 2002

I would like to amend myself when I stated "Why? just because they were HIV
positive?"...that was a typo which was suppose to be "negative" at the end
"Bill O'Brien" <wobrien22 at home.com> wrote in message
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> You know.........sometimes correlations are just correlations........just
> like...sometimes a dream is just a dream.........heh
> "This document will demonstrate how gay men who volunteered for government
> hepatitis experiments were far more likely to become infected with HIV
> those who did not take part in such experiments, to a degree not credibly
> explainable by chance or by life-style."
> Right, but as you admit to later in the abstract about not having
> studies....where is the genetic and biological significance to state your
> claim????!!!  It is necessary in this instance........statistical analysis
> does not prove or disprove your hypothesis.  First off, you need to look
> other factors......how many of these gay men were possibly already
> with the HIV virus before they received the vaccine?  They could have
> already been HIV positive and never showed any symptoms.  As I'm sure you
> are aware, the only definite way to be positive that someone is not
> with the virus is to actually count the viral load on their actual
> cell-binding sites.  I believe that wasn't even an option back
> then.....however you can't quote me on that.
> Also..you must also take into consideration of their activities after the
> vaccine was given.  They may have increased their sexual
> activity.................they may have put themselves at a higher risk on
> their own account.  Also, the HIV spread increased throughout those years
> their own...which I do believe would increase the chances of that group to
> become a candidate of infection?
> Correlations are an interesting thing to study.....however..........I
> be driving down the same road and passing the same traffic light every
> At which point I take into account that everytime I hit a particular
> on my radio, the light always turns green at that particular point.
> Continuing this for some time..........I could still observe it.
> Now...........setting this up as data.....it would appear there is a
> correlation between the time I hit the radio dial and the time the light
> turned green.  However, that doesn't mean the one CAUSES  the other.
> you can produce facts instead of statistical correlations, it will not be
> widely accepted.
> On another note.....you know what I really find amazing!  Is that you
> decided the heterosexual group which received the vaccine as being
> irrelevant to the case.  Why? Just because they were supposedly HIV
> positive??  Again....what test was done for this to be shown......the
> blood count test.........as you well know.....that only will show up HIV
> infection if it has come out of it's dorminancy.  They could have been
> infected.  What percentage of these heterosexual males developed any type
> for of the HIV????  If you are to conclude this was a conspiracy and
> possibly manufactured for a detrimental affect.........why are they not
> included one way or another?  Or does that produce and outlier that we
> decided to throw out?????!!!!!
> *** ON A FINAL NOTE!  Where is the significance of false postive and
> negatives in the analysis....we must take into account.....especially
> the time of how accurate the tests were!  Even now we have false postives
> and negatives that creep up...thus, there is more flaw that is not taken
> into account.
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> > On Wed, 2 Jan 2002, Bill O'Brien wrote:
> >
> > > . . . your heart stops for a second when you sneeze . . .
> >
> > I didn't know that!  Should I see my doctor and get some sick leave?
> > Mike.
> >

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