Pattern of microbiologist deaths?

Thomas Keske tkeske at mediaone.net
Thu Jan 3 22:51:24 EST 2002

> Logic.  Please also reread the post to which you last responded.  Ad
> (note your "jackass" and"butthead") is not a logical form of argument.  I
> realize that logic is not your strength and have seen none to this point.
> Perhaps you could find a ref text to help (search "logic" at Amazon.com).

Jesus H Christ.   The references to "jackass" and "butthead" happened
to be quotes from *your* own past articles, you ridiculous hypocrite.

Not that they don't apply to you also.  Those kinds of references
are peppered throughout your posts to environmental newsgroups, etc.
It is part of why I think that you are an imposter, with a loose screw.

I hate to tell you this, but things that you post on newsgroups linger
around for quite a while, and can be looked up, easily.  You were
reading the ghosts of  Jorge1907 Past.

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