Prion at 600C

Thomas Keske tkeske at mediaone.net
Thu Jan 3 22:45:48 EST 2002

"Jorge1907" <jorge1907 at aol.comcomm> wrote in message
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> Poor Tom, again I see you raving.  I understand the Prion concept is
> your ken but suggest the answer is to learn (granted that is difficult for
> rather than curse your own ignorance.

I think that prions are a simple enough concept.  It
is worse that it is beyond *your* ken, when you are trying
to work in the field.

 Prions are composed of protein and are much smaller than viruses.
They are resistant to heat and are not as easily eliminated by
normal cooking.   They can cause neurodegenerative disease,
such as "Mad Cow".

That is why I ask if your brain has turned to swiss cheese,
which is an approximation of what the "neurodegenerative disease"
is all about.  I ask because your meaningless babbling is suggestive
of such a problem.   But apparently, your brains are too far gone
for you even to comprehend what I am saying.

 Would you care to provide us with your real name and
background?   I have serious doubts as to your credentials.
I think that you are to microbiology, what "Archimedes Plutonium"
was to physics (a crank and an imposter).

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