Prion at 600C

Brian zhil at online.no
Wed Jan 2 12:23:26 EST 2002

"Thomas Keske" <tkeske at mediaone.net> skrev i melding
news:dvpY7.47250$Sj1.19733637 at typhoon.ne.mediaone.net...
> > Anyone have additional info about prions and heat stability?  Brown's
> article
> > from 99 said infectivity survived 15 minutes at 600C
> >
> Prions must have turned your brain into Swiss cheese.  At what temperature
> do you cook your hamburgers?  Obviously not enough.
> Probably some half-assed researcher like you managed to unleash the
> Mad Cow disease, so it serves you right.

LOL !!
And I thought it was enough by cooking at 100°Celcius........................


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