HIV and Anthrax

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> You know...............it never ceases to amaze me of how such propoganda
> without any hard evidence can be soo widely spread and believed.
> It ranks right up there with the notion that your heart stops for a second
> when you sneeze!@  LOL

There is plenty of hard evidence.   It is just that smug creeps like
you brush it off without examination, then turn around and
repeat constantly that there is "no evidence".   THAT is a propaganda

If you want the evidence, you can look at:


The statistical methodology has been confirmed by at least two
professors who teach the subject.   I've had at least one microbiologist
admit to me, candidly, that it is "obvious" that gay men were given
contaminated vaccines.

It is perfectly obvious to anyone who cares to see it, but most
true-blue Americans and Good German doctors like you don't care
to see it.

Ronald Reagan was elected in large part due to a Moral Majority
that was saying at the time that "heaven would rejoice when
gays are annihilated."

In an atmosphere like that, gays could be excused for being
"paranoid", even if we held such beliefs, on nothing more than
what is open, public knowledge of this type.   I wouldn't have cared
if gays had taken the approach of killing the politicians first, and
investigating them later.   Shall we say that there is a "context" to the

Paranoia is what a country deserves, when it makes
heros of hate-mongering creeps.   May paranoia tear
the country to pieces, if the country doesn't get the message.
I would like nothing better, if the country didn't change
its habits and remove the crackpots that it keeps sending
back to high office.

If some of the people who had threatened researchers,
like Gallo complained about in his autobiography, had
followed through, I would not have blamed them.  If it
turned out that Gallo was innocent, I merely would have
said that it was a tragic shame that the nature of his
research looked so  coincidentally  suspicious, at the wrong time
 in history.    I still would have said that the assailant was
justified, under the circumstances and the known facts
of that time.

I don't think that it would have been worth it for the college
student to throw his own life away by engaging in assassination.
However, that is a pragmatic piece of advice, not a moral
judgment.   The weight of evidence would have been quite
enough to justify action.  By "evidence", I would also count
"character evidence", of people like Jesse Helms, Pat Robertson,
Richard Nixon, etc,etc.

Gallo was smug and obnoxious, as most of you are.  He would
have been little loss, even if he was merely obnoxious and
not an actual, conscious participant in covert genocide.

I don't care what anyone thinks about the atttitude, either.
Good Germans are in no position to judge a Jew who
has the rare gift of a clue, in a world of lies.

I don't buy for a minute that people like Don Francis just
"happened" to be studying immune-suppressive retroviruses
that caused AIDS-like symptoms, just before going to work
on the gay vaccine trials.   It seems like the power-that-be
didn't even bother trying very hard to cover their tracks.
They didn't need to, because American media is more
of a pro at censorship and propaganda than the Nazis
had been.

Gay people in general are not nearly paranoid enough, because
they are politically naive, as most of you are.  You are far
too comfortable and complacent.   Your mentality is that
of arrogant aristocrats, pre-French Revolution.   I pray that
you should be shocked out of your complacency someday,
and forced to confront the social/political issues that you
think are unimportant, or that you think you are above.

Tom Keske

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