Pattern of microbiologist deaths?

Thomas Keske tkeske at mediaone.net
Tue Jan 1 16:00:53 EST 2002

> Please attempt to leatn some logic - esp. search for and learn the concept
> ad hominem arguements.  You see, poor Tom, attacking the source or speaker
> rahter than the argument itself is an error in logic. anyone searching for

You don't attack speakers, you say?   After the long list of your quotes,
calling various people "jackasses" and "buttheads", etc.?

You are utterly insane.

Sure, let's attack the ideas, not the speaker.  Ok.   Fair 'nuff.
Your ideas are the ideas of a jackass.

> No Tom, unlike you, I am a scientist and do understand microbiology.  Your
> information consistently shows a lack of understanding of things
> Fuirther, I have made the observation that, like other humans, scientists
> die and these deaths are not of necessity the results of governmental

No where did I suggest that the microbiologists deaths were a "government
The suggestion was that terrorism, or some other unknown connection,
might have something to do with it.  It is only a suggestion, not something
presented as fact.   It is a valid suggestion, since the FBI was worried
the same thing.

That original article was something that I did not even write- I glanced
at it, it looked interesting, I reposted it, reflexively.  Some of the
in the web site links, I most emphatically do *not* agree with, particulary
the ones that delved into religious themes, for which I have no stomach.

The raw reporting of the facts, and the hints of possible pattern, were
the only things of interest.

I cannot believe that any serious scientist would have time to waste on
newsgroups, spewing all the drivel and personal attack, which you do
to such a degree that it would be a full-time job, in itself.   You are a
person with very serious problems.   You need some counselling.

Please provideus  with recently published studies that we can verify
on Pubmed or some other source, in which you have participated.
I have serious doubts that you could have much in the way of

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