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Pattern of microbiologist deaths?

Jorge1907 jorge1907 at aol.comcomm
Tue Jan 1 10:28:11 EST 2002


Please attempt to leatn some logic - esp. search for and learn the concept of
ad hominem arguements.  You see, poor Tom, attacking the source or speaker
rahter than the argument itself is an error in logic. anyone searching for my
name would find it associated with technical discussion - unless I were
debunking one of your erred posts (just now and then - correcting all would be
a herculean task)..  
No Tom, unlike you, I am a scientist and do understand microbiology.  Your
information consistently shows a lack of understanding of things technical. 
Fuirther, I have made the observation that, like other humans, scientists do
die and these deaths are not of necessity the results of governmental plots.

Also Tom, folks might read more of your posts if you could be succinct and more

Good luck Tom.

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy

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