acetobacter xylinum growth rate?

Emir Khatipov khatipovNO at NOuchicago.edu
Thu Aug 29 14:23:13 EST 2002

Petri dishes or equivalent then. Of course in case the bacteria on the
surface can be more or less quantitatively transferred to tubes (glass,
corex or comparable for centrifugation purposes, preferably with
screw-caps). I am sure that I know about Acetobacter even less than you
though. So, at least colony counting method recommended earlier should work.
However, given the amount of work involved I did not think that would fall
under "simple way" category requested in the original post :-), but it,
again, depends what is simpler, to buy a colony counter or a spec., or
analytical balance with at least 5 digit accuracy.

"DKafkewitz" <dkafkewitz at aol.com> wrote in message
news:20020829144803.17815.00002807 at mb-fu.aol.com...
> Emir: I do not think that would work. Pellicle growth is limited by the
> area available. In tubers that is verly little  indeed.
> I suspect vigourous  aeration of flask cultures on a shaker might produce
> growth in suspended culture, but from what little I know of Acetobacter I
> believe  it is biofilm growth and the metablic products produced  that is
> usually of interest.

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