acetobacter xylinum growth rate?

Emir Khatipov khatipovNO at NOuchicago.edu
Thu Aug 29 12:12:49 EST 2002

Then, one could inoculate the medium, distribute the culture into a series
of tubes, grow cells in the tubes and withdraw one tube at a time to spin
the cells down to determine wet or dry cell weight. For that the empty tubes
should be pre-weight beforehand of course. I would suggest drying the cells
with acetone by gradual increase of volume percentage from 50 to 75 and
finally 100% (2 or three times), drying the tubes at 60C overnight and
weighing them shortly after they cool down.

"DKafkewitz" <dkafkewitz at aol.com> wrote in message
news:20020829092913.03916.00003233 at mb-fn.aol.com...
> If you can get the Acetobacter to grow in suspended culture, any of the
> mentioned will work. But I believe Acetobacter grows mostly as a pellicle
> the surface of liquids. This presents a much tougher problem. If surface
> is what you are dealing with you should look into the biofilm literature.
> might also want to have alook at Pirt's book on Microbial Cultivation for
> background information.

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