P. putida spi3 and Hg reduction

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J Pharm Sci 1982 Nov;71(11):1231-4 Related Articles, Books, LinkOut  

Factors affecting survival of Pseudomonas cepacia in decongestant nasal sprays
containing thimerosal as preservative.

Decicco BT, Lee EC, Sorrentino JV.

Strains of Pseudomonas cepacia, isolated from packages of nasal spray preserved
with thimerosal, showed a high degree of resistance to the organomercurial, as
compared to low and moderate resistance of standard laboratory strains or
isolates from water. The product isolates were shown to degrade the thimerosal
to metallic mercury which volatilized from the product or assay medium. The
addition of organic nutrient was essential for survival of unadapted cells in
the product. However, when cells were first grown in diluted product containing
added nutrient and then inoculated into the full-strength product, survival and
growth occurred even in the absence of added nutrient. The time required for
growth to occur was inversely related to the amount of added nutrient. At low
nutrient concentrations, approximately 99.9% of the inoculated cells were
killed rapidly, but after a lag time of 7-12 days, the few survivors began to
increase in numbers and eventually attained high cell concentrations. These
findings should be useful in planning production and testing programs with
thimerosal-preserved products.

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