Philipp Wechner philipp.wechner at uibk.ac.at
Wed Aug 28 12:39:42 EST 2002

Hi Art, nice to hear from you again!

I mean the "standard" BLA-beta-lactamase that is used in the pet-vektors.

Are there really hundrets of really different beta-lactamases? arnt they all
very similar? I have absolutely no clue about that.


Artem Evdokimov schrieb:

> WHICH beta-lactamase do you refer to ? There are hundreds...
> A.G.E.
> "Philipp Wechner" <philipp.wechner at uibk.ac.at> wrote in message
> news:3D6A1D7C.41721721 at uibk.ac.at...
> > Hello out there!
> >
> > does anyone have experience with the expression of beta-lactamase? does
> > a n-terminal fusion protein inhibit its function or not?
> > I think that it could be so - because the lactamase has to be exportet
> > to the bacterial periplasm and therefore a n-terminal fusion protein
> > could easyly block this export - but that is just my guess. Does anybody
> > KNOW it?
> >
> > thanks a lot.
> >
> >

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