no source for NB42

Ulrich Blaschke blaschke at november.de
Thu Aug 22 04:42:17 EST 2002

Hi everybody,
Thanks for your help. Of course, I've tried ATCC, DSMZ and other internet 
based strain collections before, but I could not find anything (but: you 
can't get BL21 at ATCC or DSMZ). I contacted someone who worked with the 
strain but he told me that the strain was brought to the lab by someone. I 
did not went back through the whole history of these bugs, and I don't 
think I will. Roche uses the strain to produce a recombinant protein, I 
have contacted them to, but no answer so far.
I will follow up the NovaBlue suggestion and I will contact the Yale 
source, although I could not find a trace of this strain on their web page.
I something comes up, I'll let you know.


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