cryptosporidium & legionella

Elzinator elzinator at planetclaire.not
Tue Aug 6 18:29:34 EST 2002

On Tue, 6 Aug 2002 21:16:47 +0100, Shaun Jones wrote:
>Hi Everyone
>Anyone shed any light on the Scottish Crypto Outbreak - Anyone in the know??
>Also wondering what legislation there is regarding Legionella.  Why do
>companies/homes for the elderly take samples, is it because they have to?

I'm not sure about Legionella, but the disease severity of
cryptosporidiosis is typically increased in immunocompromised
organisms, such as elderly and infant humans (and AIDS patients). The
established infectivity of Cryptosporidium parvum (the most common
species and with a wide host range) is just one live oocyst in some
animal models (we use gnotobiotic pigs). 

Thus, environmental samples serve as a means to monitor the danger for
crypto outbreaks.


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