Fluorecent stuff on beach

Sverre Ulland saugull at online.no
Sat Aug 3 09:11:47 EST 2002

I said:
> Tonight i was down at the beach for a walk. It was 0:00 at night, and
> dark. I was walking down by the sea, occasionally getting my feet wet.
> a while i noticed a certain glow in the sand i kicked in front of me.
> were tiny speckles of greenish light which quickly disappeared. Soon
> afterwards, i saw that the same greenish dots were in the water too, at
> very front of the small waves breaking in on the shore (quiet night, calm
> sea). What are those? My immedeate thought was that they were fluorecent
> bacterea, but I am not quite sure. Any thoughts are welcome.

after consulting with my father, i am now quite sure that what i saw was
'morild', as we call it here. My norwegian/english dictionary from 1965
translates it to 'moreld' in english. 'ild'/'eld' in norwegian translates to
'fire' in english.

thanks for your answers

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