Fluorecent stuff on beach

Sverre Ulland saugull at online.no
Sat Aug 3 04:03:07 EST 2002

"Davin C. Enigl" wrote:
> I have worked with salt water bioluminescent bacteria and I have not
> seen them in a high enough concentration to do what you saw by
> themselves, but it is not impossible (because they do attack to
> floating particles and other lifeforms.
> The only way to tell for sure is to sample and look under a
> microscope.
> I have recently worked with bioluminescent detritus living (or
> sometimes dead) in the mesopelagic area at 200-1000 meters on the
> bottom.  I don't know if that ever gets kicked up to the surface.
> I also recently saw a satellite image of bioluminescent algae(?) or
> was it shrimp(?) that was very noticeable,  floating at the surface.

Thanks, this clears things up. If you haven't already, you could check out
the answers i got at sci.bio.microbiology too.


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