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I remember it is also possible to monitor taxis on microscopy slides. The
paper of Howard Gest (Check pubmed PMID: 7710317) comes to mind. I guess
textbook by Gerhardt
=sr_1_3/103-5407546-8967058) would also have more protocols.

"Rodrigo Arteaga" <eceh1 at hotmail.com> wrote in message
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> Hi.
> I am trying to perform a bacteria chemotaxis assay testing different
> substrates as chemoattractants or chemorepellents but I would like to
> know if someone knows a different or additional method than the HAP
> (hard agar plug assay) in which the bacteria respond to the gradient
> of the chemical created by it's difusion from tah agar plug into
> semisolid agar or the semisolid agar + the substrate o the capillary
> assay.
> Thanks in advance.
> R. Arteaga

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