E. coli pedigrees

Shapiro, Stuart {Basi~Basel} STUART.SHAPIRO at Roche.COM
Mon Oct 15 01:29:41 EST 2001

Dear Colleagues,

	I am seeking information about the pedigrees of certain strains of E. coli.  For the following strains I need to know if there are derived from E. coli B, E. coli C, E. coli K-12, some other tribe of E. coli, or if they are simple clinical isolates:

E. coli ATCC 25922
E. coli EZ4 
E. coli 1346
E. coli S17 (lpir) [lambda-pir]
E. coli SM10 (lpir) [lambda-pir]

Also, if any of the above strains (other than the ATCC one) are available from commercial sources, could you advise me of that commercial source?

	I don't often scan this usegroup,. so I'd appreciate if all responders would contact me directly at

stuart.shapiro at basileapharma.com

Thanks in advance to all responders,

S. Shapiro
Biosafety Officer
Basilea Pharmaceutica AG
Postfach 3255
CH-4002 Basel

stuart.shapiro at basileapharma.com


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