Media for Lactobacillus and Acetobacter but not Wild Yeast

Andrew Pridmore ampridmore at claranet.com
Fri Oct 12 16:36:06 EST 2001


I think you would have more success with a medium formulated for lactic acid
bacteria - such as MRS Agar or Rogosa SL Agar, both available from Becton
Dickinson / Difco.  These will suppress yeast growth but allow your target
species to grow.


"Hubert Piatkowski" <NewConcepts at sympatico.ca> wrote in message
news:7el7dLSYuDRj-pn2-u5nLi30RRggj at localhost...
> Hi folks..
> I'm looking for media that would allow me to grow and count colonies
> of Acetobacter and Lactobacillus growing in my yeast fermenters.  On
> the other hand this media has to be able to suppress the growth of
> Wild Yeast such as Brettanomyces.  I have tried WL-Differential, Lin's
> Wild Yeast Medium and a couple others with no success.  Is there any
> other media I could look at??
> Thanks for any help..
> Hubert

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