vaccini< anti virus injections>

Nicholas Landau njl2q at virginia.edu
Sun May 27 01:14:50 EST 2001

Gordon Couger wrote:
> In article <3B089667.C4AF95E2 at virginia.edu>, Nicholas Landau says...
> >
> >The trouble with relying on the scaricity of these diseases is that >they
> >all still exist in less developed parts of the world (except for small
> >pox). People travel. All the un-inoculated person needs to do is to come
> >into contact with a carrier from one of these places, and *bango*, end
> >up dead or in a wheelchair.
> Hopefully it happems before their childeren reproduce and pass on the
> undesirable genes:}

I don't think that joke was very funny.  This is not a hypothetical
situation and my friends' children are not hypothetical people.

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