Fever 3 months,swollen,help!

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DEar Lily
  I have posted your question on a medical discussion group. Let me see what
comes out of it.  By the way, from what you say, it looks like an alergic
response to something.  Does he have any history of autoimmune responses to
any allergen.  Was he bitten by some insect or something?  Please check for
any localised inflammation on the face.  In such cases, you may not find any
bacterial infection.
   best of luck.. I shall get back to you with any response I get.

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> Fever 3 months,swollen,help!
> Men, age 30, neck swollen,(accompaning with face swollen, surronding skin
blister and pain when severe), fever for 3 months, moved in 1 week cycle.
T:38-40¡æ,1 week,35-37¡æ,1 week, for nearly 3 months.
WBC(2400-800/ul),Hb(8-3g/dl),PLT normal, decreased gradully,a variety of
antibiotics had been used, no effect.Slit, no pus, no bacteria was cultured.
BM: no abnormal. HIV negtive.
> Help,Help!!!Thanks!
> Lilly,2001-5-23
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