Image Analysis Systems from VideoTesT

Leonid V. Kozarez leonid at videotest.ru
Thu May 24 06:16:23 EST 2001

Dear All!

If you are looking for Image Analysis System for your Bio-Medical or
Materials Science applications, you may like to explore VideoTesT's company
Web site: www.videotest.ru.
We have universal and special programs for Image Analysis.

Download DEMO versions of the following UNIVERSAL programs:

With VideoTesT-Size 4.0 you can acquire images from TV/digital color or b/w
camera, scanner. You can measure manually linear/angle parameters, and
obtain auto-measured data of objects selected manually. Export data to MS
VideoTesT-Master 4.0 separates objects in auto mode. More measurements are
possible. You can process your measurement data statistically. Pre-installed
macros for different tasks are available.
>From all programs - data export to VideoTesT - Album 3.0 - an image

SPECIAL Programs
VideoTesT- Master (Morphology) supplied with methodics (macros) for
morphology and density analysis of biomedical images.
Programs for chromosome analysis (VideoTesT-Karyo), FISH analysis
(VideoTest -FISH), sperm analysis (VideoTesT - Sperm), colony counting
(VideoTesT- Colony Count).

Feel free to contact me with any question concerning VideoTesT software

Leonid Kozarez
Sales and marketing manager
leonid at videotest.ru

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