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Patrick Druggan Patrick.Druggan at btinternet.com
Tue May 22 13:51:54 EST 2001

This is my story on the benefits of vaccination.

My second youngest brother was born in 1968. When he was two years old he
caught Measles. He was fine for 5 years, then started to have seizures in
February 1976. By June that year he was in a coma. He was a victim of
subacutescerosing panencephilitis.

He remained in a coma for three and a half years and it had a devastating
effect on my mother and father, myself and my four siblings. Fortunately
health-care is universal in Britain.

A few years into my brother's coma, Measles immunisation became available.
If it would have been around in 1968, my brother would be here today, and my
parents would probably be happily married.

This is what childhood diseases were once like. We are very complacent these
days about the familiar childhood infections, but they can be devistating,
not only to the patient but to their extended families.

Vaccines work. Use them. Pd.

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